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Plans-Do We Custom Design or Buy Online?

Designing your home – benefits to working with a designer vs. buying online by Brooke Carpenter, Owner – Residential Engineering Services, PA

Every homeowner has at some time thumbed through house plan books or surfed the house plan websites trying to find the “perfect house plan” for their next dwelling.  Here’s the secret – it’s not there!

In my 15 years in the residential construction industry, I have yet to meet a single client that was 100% satisfied with a plan set purchased online.  The reason for this is obvious.  We each have different lives, different family situations, unique tastes, and individual preferences.  This is why I am a firm advocate for anyone looking to construct a new home contacting a designer.

A great home designer brings out the “you” in your new house plan.  Your new home is more than the number of bedrooms and bathrooms!  Where do you typically park your car?  How do you want to bring groceries into your home to get to the kitchen?  Do you want your laundry room out of the way or close to bedrooms?  Will your family need a formal dining room or living room?  Do you entertain a lot?  Will you use outdoor space – porches, patios, outdoor grilling areas/kitchens?  Do you need or want to plan for handicap accessibility to bathrooms, showers, bedrooms, etc.?  Will you have overnight guests?  Where would you like them to stay?  What level of accommodations will they need?  How much storage area will you need?  Can your kids share a bath room or do you prefer individual spaces?  How often do you use your kitchen and how do you want it arranged?  These are but a few of the “you-specific” questions from your home designer.

The house plan process is enhanced to a greater degree when the builder is involved in the initial design.  The builder can be the subject matter expert when it comes to materials and construction costs, timeframe for building, and how the house matches up to the lot that has been purchased.  This guidance can be invaluable during planning to keep within budget, spatial, and constructability constraints.

So as you contemplate buying your next house plan online vs. paying a home designer to develop a plan for you, remember that this is going to be your home either way.  Why not make it your home?

Absolute Construction and Development, LLC has been working with Residential Engineering Services, PA since 2007 and we’ve had nothing but raving reviews from our clients who work with Residential Engineering Services to design their homes.  Many clients have found it is much more cost effective to design your own plans vs. buying a set online and then paying to have modifications made. Residential Engineering Services, PA designed the 2 homes in Chapel Ridge Golf Community that won the Parade of Homes Gold Medals so not only have happy clients, but also recognition from their peers.