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What Role on the Home Building Team Does the Surveyor Play?

Quality control during the building process protects the client’s investment for the future.

The land surveyor provides several valued services to the new home construction process including boundary surveys, site design, layout, and construction staking. From the top the most important aspect of the surveyor’s role is one of quality control.

An accurate boundary survey discloses any defects of the parcel to be developed such as encroachments, discrepancies in land area, missing boundary corners or undeclared easements. The boundary survey also quantifies the size, shape and dimension of the building envelope as determined by building setbacks, home owner covenants, environmental buffers and
utility easements.  An accurate boundary survey ensures that the buyer’s vision for their new home will work on the chosen parcel.
Well thought out site design serves as an aid to the client and the builder as well. Placement on the lot, drive access, drainage, foundation exposure and floor height above grade are important considerations for the client. The surveyor will provide an initial site layout to the client based on input from the client and the builder. The client and builder typically have comments and suggestions that complete the final layout.
Once the building process is started the surveyor is responsible for the house layout. There is no

margin for error in laying out the footings and foundation for the new home within the building envelope and as per the client’s vision and architectural plans. A layout certified by the surveyor ensures that the home is positioned on the lot correctly and will not encroach into any setbacks,

across lot lines, or be constructed across any easements and will meet all required covenants and community architectural guidelines.
The final as-built survey of the completed construction by the surveyor certifies to the client, the lender and the community architectural review board that the project has been completed as intended and that there are no boundary issues or site issues.
Your home is an investment in the future. A solid team including the builder, realtor, surveyor, architect, and structural engineer ensures that the client receives the best possible service during and after the building process.
By Charles Eliason, PLS – 3599 Owner Infinite Land Design, P.C., Surveyors and Mappers