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Why should I hire a low voltage professional?

How hard can it be? It is just phone line, cable line, or a speaker wire is what most people are thinking these days. They proceed to let the electrician perform the work since he is already there installing high voltage, attempt the installation themselves or seek help from a family member or friend.

But today’s technology has far surpassed the days of hooking up a VCR for your mother. Today there are complex design requests and technical needs that come into play while adhering to strict installation guidelines and building codes. These guidelines are in place to ensure quality performance while maintaining the safety and integrity of your home. There are special cables, adapters and termination tools and testing equipment involved. Professionals have the knowledge & experience to ensure the job is done correctly.


If you’ve ever heard of that saying “the right tool for the right job” then you know what we mean. There are special wires and methods used for installing each of the components in your home such as voice, data, video, audio, and security. Each type of wire has its own properties in how it handles the job it was designed for and its own method of installation. In addition to using the correct material you must also consider the person performing the work. Unless your installer has the required training to properly install & terminate these lines then even the best wire is going to yield poor performance with improper installation standards.

That is why we use Select Security & Audio (SSA) for all of our low voltage wiring/structured wiring. The team at Select Security & Audio (SSA) has spent a lifetime training and practicing the correct way to design and install all the low voltage products in your home. It is with their background and experiences that they help make your dream a reality. From the basic infrastructure of phone, cable and data lines to the most sophisticated fully automated home you will quickly see the advantages of trusting a true professional vs. anyone else. Their continued commitment to training, quality, and customer satisfaction is what their main focus is. They ask the right questions that help them share your vision and then design the best solution to bring it to life.

Absolute Construction is a multi-year Parade of Homes Gold Medal winner in Chatham county North Carolina, who builds award winning custom houses in Pittsboro, Chatham County, NC specifically in Chapel Ridge.


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