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Insulation – what’s the big deal?

All newer homes have insulation installed to make a house more comfortable and efficient. Insulation works by slowing the transfer of heat, both from the outside in the summer and from the inside in the winter. Everyone knows that insulation is important but what is generally not known is how important proper installation of insulation is for optimum performance.

Insulation needs to be installed evenly and completely, with no gaps, compression or areas without insulation – like possibly in the corner of a stud bay. Insulation also has to touch the air barrier for it to work; insulation not touching the air barrier is like having your coat open on a cold day – it doesn’t work.

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Absolute Construction participates in the HERO program

Absolute Construction and Development, LLC  has made a commitment to implement energy saving building practices for our clients. We are working closely with 3rd party verifiers to ensure that the homes we build acquire low HERS scores via the Duke Progress Energy High Efficiency Residential Option (HERO).

The HERS Score is the measure of a home’s energy efficiency—and the lower the score, the more energy-efficient and well-built the home.

The HERO program is a voluntary part of the NC Energy Conservation Code that Duke has chosen to implement to encourage energy efficient building.Homes that qualify for this program are some of the highest-quality and most energy-efficient homes being built in the US today according to Duke Energy Progress.

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