Absolute Construction and Development, LLC  has made a commitment to implement energy saving building practices for our clients. We are working closely with 3rd party verifiers to ensure that the homes we build acquire low HERS scores via the Duke Progress Energy High Efficiency Residential Option (HERO).

The HERS Score is the measure of a home’s energy efficiency—and the lower the score, the more energy-efficient and well-built the home.

The HERO program is a voluntary part of the NC Energy Conservation Code that Duke has chosen to implement to encourage energy efficient building.Homes that qualify for this program are some of the highest-quality and most energy-efficient homes being built in the US today according to Duke Energy Progress.

Through the program, builders in the Duke Energy Progress territory have elected to improve the energy efficiency of their homes well beyond the current building code. In fact, the increased energy efficiency measures of each home have been evaluated as the most cost-effective measures for achieving an additional 15-20 percent in energy efficiency beyond minimum code requirements. This means you’ll be saving money on your energy bills month after month. Another key benefit of building to HERO guidelines is that the house is much more comfortable due to it being more quiet with less drafts due to the tighter framing/envelope.

Four key components to the HERO program are:

• Increased insulation
• A tighter building shell with 2X6 Exterior Wall Framing
• Greater HVAC duct performance
• High-efficiency windows

Many of these homes qualify for a 3-year Heating & Cooling Energy Usage Limited Guarantee from Duke Progress Energy.  Please contact us to learn more about this program.