After touring one of their completed homes and meeting Lisa and Nelu in person at a home under construction, we felt comfortable trusting them to build our new home.

We had some very specific customizations that they understood and made certain were considered and prioritized throughout the build.  From the design process to the final touches each craftsperson was knowledgeable and trustworthy.  They were available and willing to discuss our wishes as well as offer creative and helpful suggestions. 

Two elements of the Absolute process stood out to us.  The first was meeting with the major sub-contractors to make preliminary selections.  This allowed us time to think and re-think choices as well as costs prior to making final decisions.  The second was the use of CoConstruct which was a valuable tool for progress checking, budgeting, and communication.

Absolute has been flexible with changes, willing to address questions and concerns, and has provided a quality custom home we will enjoy for many years.

The Reynolds

We are thrilled to be in our new home built by Absolute Construction. The house is stunning and everything we wanted it to be. Thank you so much to everyone at Absolute who helped construct our home! 

The Cratch Family

Thinking of where to begin on reviewing this project is difficult. Most likely because it’s more than just a project, and working with the Absolute Team is way more than just a business transaction. From the first moment we happened across one of their homes and walked through, I immediately needed to know who built it and find out if they were a fit for what our future home might be. We were blown away by the quality and uniqueness of their build- and all the following ones we had the pleasure of touring as we explored the true custom process with them.

“Have we had some hiccups or unexpected situations along the way? Of course, it’s impossible not to in construction. But what I can say is that after building now what will be our 5th time… I’ve never experienced a team of people so committed to caring, being transparent, bringing ideas, solutions, and resolutions- even before we have a chance to notice a situation in most all cases. The amount of pride that swells from me in knowing that we will be making a home, from what is a product of their personal and professional investments as part of the Absolute business, is unimaginable and immeasurable. My only wish is that I could more adequately express my gratitude and the sense of family I feel with them.

Melissa F.

“Building with Absolute took away all the stress and fear associated with building a home. Nelu and Lisa’s level of professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched and extends through all of their contractors. Clear and thorough communication with them and Joe (general contractor) paired with the interactive process of CoConstruct helped make the entire process of scheduling, making (and changing!) selections, and staying on budget seamless. Bottom line, if you’re looking to build a truly custom home with superb quality and incomparable attention to detail look no further than Absolute.”


Jesus and Natalie C. Pittsboro, NC

“Lisa and Nelu have been incredible from the very first meeting.  I always felt like more than a client.  Each conversation with them was like discussing your project with friends who had a very genuine concern for your happiness with your new home.

Financially, they were not the cheapest but they were also not the most expensive.  What we found is that for the level of quality that they put into their projects they were the best combination of price and production by far.

They have hit every timeline and deadline for the project.  Considering the state of the country, that shows incredible scheduling to make sure what they promised is being delivered when the rest of the world seems to be working on a massive delay.

They are on budget and do a great job of continuing to explore areas where we can be under budget throughout the process.  They do a great job of making suggestions and recommendations based on their years of experience.  I know my wife and I wanted a builder who was going to communicate and not simply sit in the background and build without thinking about what might be best for us.  Their expertise in all facets of the project has blown us away.

Due to the high level of expectation they have for their projects, their contractors are incredibly professional and held to a very high standard with their work.  I have had to communicate with countless vendors and contractors and I can tell you that all of those interactions have been great.  The vendors all seem to have the same genuine desire as Lisa and Nelu to produce the best product they can.

The job site is always well kept.  I have never been out to the house and felt like the workers were “trashing the area”.  Again the quality of this company is truly the quality of the people who run it and the people they employ.

Lisa is the best with regards to financials.  She has been right on the button the whole way.  There have been 0 unexpected costs.  They really did think through everything.  

Joe has been the project manager for our build.  He, like Lisa and Nelu, is always very responsive to phone calls or texts and gets back to me with answers very quickly.  He also does a great job of providing updates on what has happened and what is scheduled week to week.  

We are very pleased with the our experience and I could not say enough about the quality of their company and their work.  Feel free to call if I can help further and all the best with your upcoming project.”

Brown W. - Pittsboro, NC

“It has been almost two weeks since our move to the new home. We wanted to let you all know that we have been really enjoying living in our new house that was built by you with such high quality. We wanted to thank you and the builders, designers, craftspeople, and everybody who was working tirelessly to make this project a reality. Thank you!”


Anna and Miro S. - Pittsboro, NC

“Absolute Construction built us a beautiful home.  We were very impressed with the entire construction and attention to detail.  Although we thought that we had our entire plan laid out we still had a lot of changes that the crew were able to handle in stride.  But what impressed us the most was the feeling of honesty with the budget.  Most items came under budget.  From the beginning we felt a connection with the entire staff and consider them to be part of our North Carolina family.  Not only did Absolute listen to us, they saw the house before we had a complete visual in our own minds.  There is no doubt that we would recommend them to anyone who is looking to build the home of their dreams.”


Pat and Kathy M. - Siler City, NC

“‘Absolute’ is a pretty strong word, and these builders live up to the definition! They are the total package. Our home is completely custom in its design, beautifully suited to our lifestyle and our land, and expertly finished with quality fixtures and energy efficiency in every place. But what really gives credence to Absolute is their excellent craftsmen who listen to the client, problem solve creatively on those custom features, and inspire us anew with a belief in American artistry. Would we do it again? We absolutely would.”


“From our very first meeting with Lisa and Nelu, we knew immediately that we would choose them to build our dream home – from their undivided attention at our very first meeting, to their outstanding communication and explanation throughout the entire building process.  We knew this would be our very last house we would ever live in and Lisa, Nelu and Joe were phenomenal with accommodating our extra “wishes and wants” throughout the process. 

We are so grateful to have met them, and now to have them as part of our extended family and friends.  For anyone wanting to build their dream home, look no further than Absolute Construction and Development!  We are so in love with our home and look forward to making many years of memories here.”



Naomi and Brian A. Chapel Hill

“Absolute Construction was first recommended to us by a friend in the construction field.  After we visited one of their completed homes and interviewing Nelu and Lisa, Anne and I knew we could trust them to build our house.
We wanted a quality built home and something very different from the usual, and they really delivered.  
We made some changes during the building process and they took the time
to give us detailed estimates and explain all the pros and cons.  
We are thrilled with our finished loft area, a major addition to our original plan, and the addition of a sauna.  The quality of the work is evident and always praised by visitors.
Most importantly, Nelu insured that our house was properly graded and sited to avoid any problems with drainage – something we did not even consider.
Thanks again for building our dream home, we love it!”

Jeremy and Anne Z., Chapel Hill

“Partnering with Absolute Construction has been a wonderful experience! Building a custom home is something we’ve never done before and thought the process may be daunting. It was such a pleasant surprise to find that this project was so much easier than working with a volume builder (which we have done on 3 other occasions).

Nelu, Lisa and Joe were with us every step of the way answering our many questions not only professionally, but with excellent communication and knowledgeable guidance. Their expectation of excellence from everyone involved in the project was so transparent right from the start until closing day. We love our new home and can’t thank Absolute Construction enough for making it happen!”

Tony and Tori S., Chapel Ridge

“We are towards the end of our move finally and we’ve been living in our amazing new home for almost a week now.  Needless to say, we are loving it! We put together a note of recommendation below, please feel to share.

After visiting several of Absolute’s award winning homes during the parade, we selected them to build our new home.  Seeing the details and quality. Nelu, Lisa, and Joe put into each home, it made our choice easy.  Working with the vendors has made our new home  truly custom.  During the build

their guidance made our vision into a reality.  Our home is better than our biggest dreams.  We are grateful to the Absolute team for our beautiful new home!”

Yvonne and Jon B. Chapel Ridge

“As new residents to North Carolina, Lisa and I had many decisions to make, most importantly, where to live. Lisa S met with us as our realtor and showed us many properties in Chatham county, none of which seemed to fit the bill. She then offered the news that her husband, Nelu, was a custom builder in the Pittsboro area. We had no desire to build, but after meeting with Absolute Builders, we decided to take the plunge.

Well, we now have a beautiful new home in Chapel Ridge thanks to Absolute.

They worked with us through the entire process and while weather delayed the build often, we moved in early January. Our home is exactly what we wanted and our property is fantastic.

Nelu, Lisa, Joe, their contractors and all involved have been a pleasure to work with and we are confident that should anything arise down the road, their long established reputation for quality and service helps us to sleep comfortably at night.”
Thank you, “Absolutely”


Andrew and Lisa B., Chapel Ridge

Absolute Construction made sure that all our questions and wishes were answered! The end result is better than we could have hoped for, and we even ended up under budget. We love our new home!

Loic and Meg S.-Pittsboro

“We had the perfect piece of property. A river running at the back of our land, a long private road, lots of timber, no house! We were introduced to Nelu and Lisa. They saw our vision and understood our rather complex interior design. They worked so hard, finding vendors that could supply the materials we needed to achieve the look we desired. Beyond the design, Nelu’s detail to quality construction is evident. ‘Our envisioned dream made a reality.’ Thank you to the both of them. I am honored to call them friends. Who else can say that about their builder?”

Steve and Shellie – Sanford, NC

“We spent several weeks looking for the right builder, before we found Absolute Construction. We were immediately impressed with their commitment to quality.

Nelu, Lisa and Joe have impressed us throughout the entire building process with communication, knowledge and their whatever-it-takes attitude to build us the house of our dreams.

We were consulted on every decision and there was never a problem if changes had to be made. We are so happy with our new home; it is exactly what we hoped for!”


John and Denise C., Chapel Hill

“Doris and I never intended to build a new home … we never even considered it, having heard far too many home building horror stories. We set out to find a new home that was ready to move into but could never find one that was quite right.

Then we met Lisa and Nelu and everything changed. We found the neighborhood we wanted to live in and Lisa helped us with our property search. Nelu was actually the swing vote between 2 lots we were considering and he couldn’t have been more right about that choice.

From there, we moved into design and vendor visits. We were introduced to every vendor who would furnish items for the home and reviewed the type and scale of products typically included in an Absolute build. Everyone treated us as friends and every vendor had the items we were looking for.

The construction process was not rushed. We were involved all along the way from finalizing the design, to site layout, to meeting with each trade prior to rough in to determine exactly where everything would be located. We tell people that we got to decide on everything in this house …. right down to the door hinges. The entire process was enjoyable even though sometimes the stress of finalizing a color choice seemed a bit overwhelming. The entire team unfailingly sought to be sure that the house was being built just the way we wanted it.

The result is a beautiful and exceptionally well built dream home on a hill. This is the home we were looking for all of those months. Not only did we find our new home, we have wonderful new friends in Lisa and Nelu, and we have had the true pleasure of building our home our way … it was a blast and we will honestly miss being involved in the construction process.

Thank you Lisa, Nelu, Joe, and all of the craftsmen and vendors who made this home a reality!”


Doris and Craig H., Chapel Ridge

“Throughout the construction period, Nelu and Lisa and their team provided continuous support and assistance with desired design modifications and material selections. The outstanding workmanship in the construction of our home is clearly evident and warrants high praise. This testimonial summarizes well the very high quality of our home and our appreciation for the Absolute Construction team for working closely with us and patiently helping us with the many decisions and details of the home! We highly recommend them to build your home!”

Carl and Charlotte B., Chapel Ridge

“We have nothing but good things to say about Absolute Construction. We had pretty much only heard horror stories about building a house so we were very skeptical of each builder we interviewed. We chose Absolute Construction because, before a contract was ever signed, they were very willing to work with us to be sure we could get what we wanted while staying within our budget. Lisa also answered hundreds of questions via phone and e-mail, usually within minutes. Other prospective builders took days to get back to us.

The quality of work is fantastic, they don’t cut corners or buy the cheapest materials just to make an extra buck. Although Lisa and Nelu do a great job in general, it’s the almost constant communication that really separates them from anyone else. I fully recommend Absolute Construction as a builder.”

Michael and Brianne K. – Silk Hope

“Finding a Builder is one thing….but finding an unbelievably talented, caring builder is an entirely different experience. If you choose Absolute Construction, Nelu Skumpija as your Builder you are truly Blessed!

My husband and I chose to purchase one of Nelu’s homes in Chapel Ridge. First of all, the home is gorgeous and well built down to the very last detail inside and out. Nelu is incredibly detailed and wanted to make sure our move-in punch list and a few last details were completed. Nelu’s team of workers arrived at our home and ready to work. It is rare you find a builder who fulfills their promises even after you move in.

It is obvious that Nelu Skumpija not only cares about his work, and his clients but his team of professionals working with him as well.

My husband and I love our new home. We are enjoying the new experience of living in a home where all work is completed and everything in the home actually works. You can’t go wrong with Absolute Construction and Nelu Skumpija.”

Tony and Anne-Marie D., Pittsboro – Chapel Ridge

“I just want to thank you for making all the horror stories I’ve heard about contractors go away. Your vision of what should be in a home matched ours so closely that we no longer are looking for a custom builder.

Since we have moved in and are enjoying our new home, we especially appreciate you stopping by just to check on things to make sure all is well. I never thought that any builder, after the sale, would come looking for things to fix.

Thanks again for your old fashion work ethic, it is appreciated more than you can imagine.”

Scott and Cheryl B., Pittsboro – Chapel Ridge

“Thank you for building me a beautifully constructed home. Everyone who has seen my house, both in its early stages and in its completed state, has been captivated by the workmanship, care and professionalism exhibited. The quantative evidence of this is the 72 Energy Star rating: energy efficiency must be below 86 to qualify for Energy Star status.

I am also grateful to you both for working with me from the beginning, when I was very much in doubt whether this project could be done, through the difficult financing process. You understood that I had a tight budget and worked with me so well that I had money left to cover the cost of permits and other such expenses I thought I would have to pay out-of-pocket (and which you graciously paid up front).

All in all it was a fun experience, at least for me. Thank you for helping my dream come true in such a wonderful and gorgeous fashion. I wish you both much happiness in the future.”

Carol P. – Siler City – Silk Hope

“We selected Absolute Construction as our builder for a variety of reasons, but after visiting the homes that Nelu built, we were sold! The craftsmanship, style and attention to detail were exactly what we were looking for and our new home can now be added to the list of beautiful homes in Chatham County.

Living out of state for the entire building process could have been a significant disadvantage and we were concerned about it at the beginning. However, Lisa and Nelu were diligent about keeping us informed of the construction progress and expenses. We received electronic photos regularly which thrilled us to no end. When we were able to visit, Nelu arranged meetings with contractors according to our schedules and they were generous with their time and attention to us.

Nelu and Lisa are a complete package and an effective team throughout the process. Lisa’s attention to detail in all things financial is something that cannot be overlooked. She acted as a liaison with the vendors, intervening on our behalf when necessary and settling any potential conflicts. They are both true to their word and honored all commitments to us.

Our new home is really a life–long dream come true and we are so happy with the end product. We believe that Lisa and Nelu were the main reason that we had an overall fantastic experience. Their flexibility, integrity and skill make them a solid and smart choice for anyone considering building a home.”

Debra and Eloisa, Pittsboro – Silk Hope

“Choosing Absolute Construction to build our new home was a great decision. Nelu and Lisa went above and beyond our expectations of making sure we’d stay in budget even before we signed the contract, and have been a pleasure to work with ever since. You’ll always see Nelu at the job site, and when an issue has come up, he’d resolve it quickly and to our satisfaction. And Lisa has been in constant communication with us to help make this process go as smoothly as possible.

We’ve been extremely happy with our choice of Absolute Construction.”

Troy and Charlene S., Pittsboro – Chapel Ridge

“It was a pleasure to work with Absolute Construction. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. Nelu and Lisa kept us actively involved in the entire process even though we were out of state. They were very amenable to answering any question and concern no matter how small.”

Jim & Laraine S. – Chapel Ridge

“We never wanted to build a house, heard too many stories of problems with the process, but build we did and we are so happy with our decision. Absolute Construction, Nelu and Lisa Skumpija and their vendors and sub-contractors gave us a beautiful and well constructed house. They involved us in each step of the process, gave us a list of vendors and a timetable for meeting deadlines for their product lines, and kept us apprised of costs so we stayed in budget and within the parameters set for completion. Nelu listened to our suggestions for changes and accommodated as many of these ideas as was practical and suggested a few of his own. The end result is more than a quality, Energy Star efficient house; it is our home, unique to us and our needs. As we live in it we hope to take as good of care of it as Absolute Construction did in building it.

Thank you Nelu and Lisa and all your wonderful workers for making our dream come true.”

Rod & Susan H. – Chapel Ridge

“Thank you for building us our dream home. Everyone who has seen our house has been in awe by the workmanship, care and professionalism exhibited. We have been wanting to build a home for a long time and we are so happy that we found Nelu and Lisa. They took the time to explain each process and made sure we were happy with the results along the way. They are truly caring people and wanted nothing more than to build our home exactly how we imagined. We love coming home and saying ‘This is our home’.

Thank you again Nelu and Lisa. This really is our dream home!!!”

Al and Shannon R. – Chatham County

“We chose to work with Absolute because they came highly recommended. Our expectations have been exceeded at every turn. Nelu and Lisa Skumpija are a wonderful team who make a daunting project as stress-free as possible, and in the process you get to know them as friends. Absolute’s subcontractors are part of the team, and their competence and commitment are apparent when you first meet them. Everyone pulls together to overcome any challenge, no matter how large or small, to build a quality house and meet the clients’ needs. We could not be happier with the way this project has gone.”

Pat M. & Bev D. – Chapel Ridge

“We can’t thank you enough for helping us to complete our dream home! Thank you for taking the time to listen and understand what we wanted to accomplish in building our new home. Your workmanship was done expertly and professionally. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to build the perfect dream home. We can’t thank you enough!”

The Pikes – Siler City

“Nelu & Lisa Skumpija of Absolute Construction and the teaming partners exhibited an unrivaled commitment to us (their client) through actions demonstrating their personal integrity, standards of perfection in performance, and patience in our dealings from meeting inception, through construction, and post move in. It was routine for the Absolute team members to provide consultative advice making improvements on our ideas, plans and discoveries throughout the project resulting in a home that exceeded our expectations. Absolute knows it is your home they are building, not just a house. End result: an exceptional high valued home, completed within original plan budget, and new friends. We absolutely made the right choice when selecting Absolute as our builder.”

Mike & Donna C, Chapel Ridge

“Frank and I are thrilled with our new home. Working with Lisa and Nelu was extremely rewarding. Building a custom home presented us with many challenges and opportunities. These were addressed and resolved through Lisa and Nelu’s dedication and desire to provide a quality product. We recommend Absolute Construction to anyone who desires a high quality home at a cost effective price.
Their recommendations helped us achieve a beautiful home within our budget.”

Pat and Frank

“Our family could not be happier with our new custom home. This is the second home we will live in that was built by Absolute Construction. The maniacal focus Nelu and Lisa have on quality and attention to detail remains their trademark.
Ryan and I were well aware of the key quality differentiators Absolute Construction provides versus their competition . As a result, we were more than willing to wait until we could build our final dream home with Absolute and the finished product exceeded all expectations! We are grateful for their patience and insight throughout the build process. Nelu’s team went above and beyond to ensure everything was finished as committed and delivered exceptional customer service. Our home is exactly how we envisioned it would be and finished within our budget.
Working with people who not only care about the finished product, but also their customers, has meant so much to our family. We are sincerely grateful and look forward to our continued friendship with the Skumpija family. Thank you Nelu & Lisa!”

The Johnsons

“Just a note to thank-you for the outstanding job the men did on our home on Tuesday. The work that was done was superlative, and the home looks like new again! Once again, you have exceeded our expectations with the extent and quality of the work that was done. I thought that my two and one-half page list was too long, but the work that was done far exceeded that list! We appreciate the extension that you gave us under the difficult circumstances of recent time.

Once again, our sincere appreciation for the great support that you have given to us.”

Carl & Charlotte

“Nelu and Lisa were wonderful to work with. Having designed our own dream home, we know, presented challenges – and changes – along the way. They handled all issues with a can-do attitude and equanimity, though we are sure we caused some consternation with our hands-on approach. Lisa kept us constantly informed and on budget. Our neighbors commented many times on how well the house was being constructed and how accommodating the subcontractors were throughout the process. We love our home and count Nelu and Lisa among our friends.”

Kathy & Mary Ann

“Thank you for all your work for us. I feel like I’m almost you’re only customer when we talk, although I understand your growing business and thus challenge in many ways. Thank you for your patience always and for your guidance and proactive approach to our construction. Again, many thanks to you for all you do! Oh yes, the house is just marvelous.”

Pam and Rich

“Accommodating, patient, understanding, and extremely professional. These are words that come to mind when I think about Absolute Construction. Nelu, Lisa , Joe and their team of subcontractors made the building process virtually painless. They were completely patient and flexible as we made selections for the house. It was great working with builders who welcomed interaction and who didn’t mind changing throughout the building process.

Absolute construction and its team went the extra mile to make sure that we were satisfied with every step of the way.

The Absolute Construction Team is the best!”

The Green Family

Lisa and Nelu, “We are beyond grateful to be the proud owners of our new house. Yesterday it became a reality – and one of the best Christmas presents ever, especially as I imagine all the gatherings of friends and family that we will be able to host! I am truly overwhelmed at how beautiful the house is and still find it hard to believe that it is ours. From the beginning we knew that we chose the right people to build our house, and we have enjoyed working with you from day one. I know there have been some bumps in the road – but truly everything was handled professionally and addressed quickly – which is all anyone could as for.” Thank you, Lillian

From Jason, her husband: “Completely agree. Couldn’t be happier with the process, and the end result. During our investigation for a builder, which didn’t take that long, I called three builders. You were the third. I was driving back from work. When I walked in the house, I told Lil that I knew who was going to build our house. I told her I was convinced that she would agree once she talked with you.

After that conversation that day, we never talked with another builder, never got any comparison quotes. Didn’t need it. For us, the most important thing we needed was customer service and a quality product. The reason I felt confident that we would get that after that conversation was a couple of things I will share with you. It was the way you answer the questions I had. I could tell that you care about the people you work with and the quality of work they do. But, I think the biggest thing you said that day that made a huge impact on me was the following. You said that you are proud of your husband and his work ethic, and his attention to the quality of the finished product. This first impression was reiterated with the testimonials on your website, and has been validated every step of the way. I end by saying Thank You as well!”

Lillian and Jason

“Building a custom home has long been a dream of ours. Nelu and Lisa made that dream into a reality for us. It was a pleasure working with Nelu, Lisa, Joe and the entire team of subcontractors who all played a part in translating our ideas into a comfortable home that suits us perfectly. Many thanks to all of you.”

Johnny and Melody

“When we decided to build and relocate to Pittsboro, NC, we interviewed and researched a number of builders before deciding on Absolute Construction.

We chose Absolute after touring some of their finished projects and when we met Lisa and Nelu for the first time we were sold – this is who we wanted to work with. Living out of state and with busy work and family schedules we were concerned about the process, however, Lisa and Nelu and the onsite project manager, Joe Kennedy made the process easy and were always available and accessible for questions and concerns.

We are very pleased with the entire Absolute team their knowledge, dedication and overall attention to detail. We could not be happier with our new home and very excited to become part of Pittsboro and the Chapel Ridge community.”

Tom & Jan K – Chapel Ridge

“Nelu, Lisa, and their team made our dreams and vision come true. We couldn’t find a better group of people to work with when building our home. We really appreciated the amount of attention given to us by the entire team.

Building a home was the most daunting thing we have ever experienced, but Nelu and his team were there with us every step of the way and made the process so much easier than we could have imagined.

There is a reason why year after year Nelu and his team are Parade of Home winners. Choosing Absolute Construction as our builder was the best decision we made.”

Kieran and Norma C.

“The simple words of thank you are just not enough to convey the gratitude to Nelu & Lisa for making our lifelong dream house a reality.

Once we decided that we were going to build, we started the process of speaking with several builders. We were almost at the point of starting with someone else, when a friend had given us Absolute Construction’s name. We made the decision to meet with one more, just to make sure we were going to choose the right builder. From the moment we met them and left their office our lives changed. We knew immediately who was going to build our home. We felt that they genuinely cared about building us exactly what we wanted.

From the beginning of this long process, they guided us every step of the way. We trusted them wholeheartedly with one of the most important things we have ever done. If there was an issue, we found a solution together. Communication is the key to keep the process moving, and we were always kept in the loop. Every sub on their team was outstanding in the quality of workmanship they provided. It was very evident of the pride they all took in their work.

There are truly no words to thank them for making our dream come true. Not only did they make our dream a reality – but we feel we have made new lifelong friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nelu & Lisa. We simply cannot sing your praises enough.”

Scott & Maria O.

I waited 31 years to build my Dream Home. The first time I met with Lisa, Nelu and Joe I knew they would be the ones to make my Dream come true.

Experienced, Professional, Patient and just plain nice as can be !!! Being a Retired Mortgage Broker/Banker, with 40 years of construction experience, I have never experienced such a Professional team. Meeting all their vendors was an absolute pleasure and reassurance that the work would get done and done right !!!!!

Eileen W.

“Cheryl and I absolutely love our new home in Chapel Ridge. Nelu & Lisa were a pleasure to work with throughout the process. Any time that we had a question or concern, they were there to provide good advice on the best plan of action. Lisa did a great job of keeping us informed on the financial status of our build and keeping us informed as various decision milestones were due. During the build, whenever we encountered an issue, Nelu made sure that any necessary changes would work to our satisfaction. It was clear to us that their primary concern was that we would be happy with the result. Their collection of subcontractors was very pleasant to work with and their work was top notch. We would highly recommend Absolute Construction to anyone who is contemplating building a new custom home.”

Randy & Cheryl H.

“When we had the opportunity to build our dream home, we spent more than a year looking for a builder. We wanted to find someone trustworthy, creative, and committed to quality; all at a price we could afford.

Before long, we found ourselves attracted to the homes built by Absolute Construction in Pittsboro. We loved the look of their homes, and the quality of their finish work, so we met with Nelu and Lisa to share our vision and found instant compatibility. Nelu caught our vision and offered suggestions that would improve the quality and appearance of our home. We signed a contract within weeks!

Without going through the step-by-step details, here is a summary of our experience:

  • Nelu is committed to quality construction, and often provided creative insights to improve the look, efficiency and functionality of our home. He would take our ideas and enhance them, or show us more cost-effective ways to accomplish the same result.
  • Lisa runs the office competently and effectively, and often shared ideas to help us save money. She not only managed the contract, but when we suggested changes she would provide cost estimates so we could make informed decisions, including suggestions to help mitigate costs.
  • Joe ran the job well, and was quick to address any concerns that emerged along the way. He was always up-beat and patient answering our questions.
  • A project such as ours required quite a number of sub-contractors. From clearing the lot at the beginning of the project, to the landscaping at the end, we were very impressed with this team of sub-contractors. Each an expert in his/her field, they all shared Nelu’s passion for excellence and quality. When we talked to them on the site, they were happy to discuss their work and answer our questions, and often sought our input. Even the window supplier offered suggestions to improve our “wall of windows” overlooking the woods. All of them were very committed to making us happy with their work!

We asked Nelu and Lisa of Absolute Construction to build our dream home. This is the home where we will host family events and create special memories. They gave us everything we wanted at the cost they quoted, and often added small touches and enhancements along the way. We have now been in our home for 2 months and could not be happier! The house is even more beautiful than we imaged, and we feel so blessed to get to live here. We are very grateful to the Absolute team for making our dream come true!”

Steve and Wendy H.

“We rate ENERGY STAR homes and have a unique perspective since we see many homes from many good builders. The first time we were in one of Nelu’s homes we were impressed with his building skills and, as we work with him, we are also impressed with his commitment to quality. With every house he builds, he tries to make it more comfortable and energy efficient for his clients while always including special features and personal touches tailored to each client.

Nelu personally oversees the construction of each home and spends whatever time is necessary with each client to make sure the house is just what they want. Needless to say, his clients love him.

Nelu and Lisa are wonderful to work with both because of the quality of their homes and also because they make the process enjoyable and fun. Absolute Construction is always one of the builders we recommend.”

Bob and Cass A.ENERGY STAR and Green Certifications, Home energy audits, Infrared ImagingBrightcut Building Solutions, LLC

“Frankly I never had a doubt – you both are true professionals!! Our first meeting, those many years ago, we knew we had the right builder. Congratulations to you both :)”

John N. – Chatham CountyHomeowner of The Hamilton; 2017 Parade of Homes Gold Winner