Building a custom home can seem like an intimidating process. There are indeed many steps to be taken before you set foot in your dream home. It’s our goal to make construction as simple and straightforward as possible. If you’re curious about building a custom home, peruse these frequently asked questions for insight into the process:

Why Build a Custom Home?

A custom home build guarantees you’ll get exactly what you want and the best value for your land. If you’re seeking specific, must-have design elements, floor plans, or styles, you’re unlikely to find them in a master-planned community. Maybe you’ve considered remodeling your home and are finding it too cost prohibitive. A new custom home may be a better option than living through the renovation process. Your custom built home will be ideally suited to the land it is built upon, ensuring you’ll love your home and lot for years to come.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home?

Every custom home is different. Generally speaking, the building process takes at least a year from the initial meeting to getting your keys. For larger properties, the build may take upwards of 18 months. A range of factors come into play, including the design process, site development, permit acquisition, and the construction itself. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to building a custom home!

Do I Need to Own Land For My New Home?

If you own a lot you’re dreaming about building a custom home on, great! Otherwise, we can help you find the perfect blank canvas for your new house. There’s no need to own land before starting this journey. We can provide plenty of homesite options from which to choose. 

How Much Does a Custom Built Home Cost?

The answer varies. Since no two custom homes are exactly alike, there is no set formula for determining a price. The cost of the lot, size of the home, and material chosen for finishes ultimately influence the final cost of a custom home. 

Have other questions about the custom home building process? Absolute Construction is a multi-year Parade of Homes Gold Medal winner in Chatham County, North Carolina. Reach out today to learn more.