Beautiful Custom Home in Pittsboro

Another beautiful house custom built by Absolute Construction and Development. This incredible house features a NanaWall and a pizza oven.

<em><strong>We are honored and grateful for our amazing clients. Here are what they said about this incredible custom home:</strong></em>

Lisa and Nelu,

“We are beyond grateful to be the proud owners of our new house. Yesterday it became a reality – and one of the best Christmas presents ever, especially as I imagine all the gatherings of friends and family that we will be able to host! I am truly overwhelmed at how beautiful the house is and still find it hard to believe that it is ours. From the beginning we knew that we chose the right people to build our house, and we have enjoyed working with you from day one. I know there have been some bumps in the road – but truly everything was handled professionally and addressed quickly – which is all anyone could as for.” Thank you, Lillian

From Jason, her husband: “Completely agree. Couldn’t be happier with the process, and the end result.During our investigation for a builder, which didn’t take that long, I called three builders. You were the third. I was driving back from work. When I walked in the house, I told Lil that I knew who was going to build our house. I told her I was convinced that she would agree once she talked with you.

After that conversation that day, we never talked with another builder, never got any comparison quotes. Didn’t need it. For us, the most important thing we needed was customer service and a quality product. The reason I felt confident that we would get that after that conversation was a couple of things I will share with you. It was the way you answer the question’s I had. I could tell that you care about the people you work with and the quality of work they do. But, I think the biggest thing you said that day that made a huge impact on me was the following. You said that you are proud of your husband and his work ethic, and his attention to the quality of the finished product. This first impression was reiterated with the testimonials on your website, and has been validated every step of the way. I end by saying Thank You as well!”