Thinking of where to begin on reviewing this project is difficult. Most likely because it’s more than just a project, and working with the Absolute Team is way more than just a business transaction. From the first moment we happened across one of their homes and walked through, I immediately needed to know who built it and find out if they were a fit for what our future home might be. We were blown away by the quality and uniqueness of their build- and all the following ones we had the pleasure of touring as we explored the true custom process with them.

Have we had some hiccups or unexpected situations along the way? Of course, it’s impossible not to in construction. But what I can say is that after building now what will be our 5th time… I’ve never experienced a team of people so committed to caring, being transparent, bringing ideas, solutions, and resolutions- even before we have a chance to notice a situation in most all cases. The amount of pride that swells from me in knowing that we will be making a home, from what is a product of their personal and professional investments as part of the Absolute business, is unimaginable and immeasurable. My only wish is that I could more adequately express my gratitude and the sense of family I feel with them.-Mel F.