“We’ve enjoyed every step of the way with the team at Absolute.  It’s a family business and they focus on building a custom home from start to finish, ensuring their customers get exactly what they want.   All of the subs do great work and it’s obvious that Nelu and Lisa have developed long term relationships with their subs, ensuring predictability and consistency of work.

Their systems set up a structure that guides you through the process and you are working through design choices with Nelu and Lisa, as well as the various vendors on design elements.  Lisa in particular was useful in helping navigate this process.  Ultimately they allow the choice to be yours, but are always there to help when needed.

Any time we wanted to change something they were very accommodating and provided pricing and schedule transparency.   We were never surprised on cost.  Nelu and Lisa were very upfront on costs and extremely fair along the way.  If we changed something we’d get pricing details before approving.   If something came under budget, they issued credits.  I really felt like we were partners on managing the costs and they ultimately represented us fairly in all parts of the build.

We were at the house every weekend and saw it come together from start to finish.  The quality of their workmanship at every stage of the build was first class.  The final product looks fantastic and we can sleep well knowing the bones of the house are well done. 

Objectively they hit all of the key milestones for schedule, cost, transparency, and quality.  Subjectively, I found them a pleasure to work with and loved getting to know the Skumpija family.   We’d build with them again in a heartbeat!” Skip and Carrie Lee B.