“Lisa and Nelu have been incredible from the very first meeting.  I always felt like more than a client.  Each conversation with them was like discussing your project with friends who had a very genuine concern for your happiness with your new home.

Financially, they were not the cheapest but they were also not the most expensive.  What we found is that for the level of quality that they put into their projects they were the best combination of price and production by far.

They have hit every timeline and deadline for the project.  Considering the state of the country, that shows incredible scheduling to make sure what they promised is being delivered when the rest of the world seems to be working on a massive delay.

They are on budget and do a great job of continuing to explore areas where we can be under budget throughout the process.  They do a great job of making suggestions and recommendations based on their years of experience.  I know my wife and I wanted a builder who was going to communicate and not simply sit in the background and build without thinking about what might be best for us.  Their expertise in all facets of the project has blown us away.

Due to the high level of expectation they have for their projects, their contractors are incredibly professional and held to a very high standard with their work.  I have had to communicate with countless vendors and contractors and I can tell you that all of those interactions have been great.  The vendors all seem to have the same genuine desire as Lisa and Nelu to produce the best product they can.

The job site is always well kept.  I have never been out to the house and felt like the workers were “trashing the area”.  Again the quality of this company is truly the quality of the people who run it and the people they employ.

Lisa is the best with regards to financials.  She has been right on the button the whole way.  There have been 0 unexpected costs.  They really did think through everything.  

Joe has been the project manager for our build.  He, like Lisa and Nelu, is always very responsive to phone calls or texts and gets back to me with answers very quickly.  He also does a great job of providing updates on what has happened and what is scheduled week to week.  

We are very pleased with the our experience and I could not say enough about the quality of their company and their work.  Feel free to call if I can help further and all the best with your upcoming project.” Brown W., Pittsboro, NC