As concerns like climate change enter public consciousness, sustainability and energy efficiency become more and more important to homebuyers. Absolute has always had a focus on energy efficient building to bring a higher quality home to our clients, viewing it as both a point of pride and a practical necessity.

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is an industry standard measuring a home’s energy efficiency. Absolute is proud of its excellent HERS record.

What is a HERS Score?

HERS scores are measured on a scale of 0-150, with 0 being a zero energy home and 150 being very inefficient. Efficiency manifests itself in energy consumption and therefore costs, and is affected by construction quality, the materials used, and many other factors. Each increment represents a percentage point of efficiency relative to others on the scale.

Most resale homes score around 130 on the scale, with most new homes around 100. This means a 100 home is 30% more efficient than a 100 home.

How Do You Achieve It?

Builders targeting low HERS scores focus on insulation, sealing, and systems of a home. Insulation and sealing are self-explanatory; systems require more careful planning for things like duct routing, appliance choices, and other factors.

Absolute offers several solutions that lower your HERS score, including AeroBarrier. This revolutionary system seals a home by shooting tiny particles all through the home. By pressurizing the space, these particles are forced into cracks and gaps in the construction, creating a tight air seal.

AeroBarrier is only one of the many advanced building techniques we utilize.

Our Homes: HERS Highlights

Some of our recent HERS achievements include:

  • Single family home in Siler City, NC: a score of 54, representing $2,710 in annual savings!
  • Single family home in Pittsboro, NC: a score of 57, representing $1,678 in annual savings!
  • Single family home in Siler City, NC: a score of 55, representing $3,061 in annual savings!

We are very happy with the HERS scores on the last 4 homes we built in Chatham County, NC. All clients were local and were very hands on throughout the process to assure their home had unique touches.

Are you looking for a premium, luxurious custom home in Chatham County, NC? Absolute Construction is a Parade of Homes Gold Medal Winning builder with years of experience, able to oversee every step of your home building experience. Contact us today to get started!