At Absolute Construction, we specialize in homes that combine modern luxury with sustainability and cutting-edge technology. We strive for optimal Duke HERO (High Efficiency Residential Option) scores, which bring savings to our customers and protect the environment.

One of the best methods of improving your home’s sustainability is solar power. Absolute is fully capable of integrating solar power into your custom home, such as this modern smart home we built for one of our clients.

With that said, solar power does come with some considerations that you should know about.

Installation Requirements

Solar panels have one obvious requirement: sun. The Triangle is certainly capable, with around 217 sunny days per year. Though the Triangle contains a lot of forested lots, you still shouldn’t have much trouble finding a sunny spot. If overhanging trees block your roof, you can place a separate array elsewhere on your lot.

If you’re building in an existing community, check any bylaws from the local homeowners association; many HOAs ban solar panels due to their perceived effect on home aesthetics.

Absolute will consult with a solar installer for a solar site estimate, which analyzes your land’s sun exposure.

Costs and Savings

Solar power will increase the upfront cost of your home; exactly how much depends on a variety of factors. Chief among these is the size of your installation; because the Triangle has a decent amount of sun, your installation size will likely depend on how much of your home you want to run on solar.

Installation costs are determined by wattage. Most panels generate around 10 watts per square foot with an average cost of $7-9 per watt. You can bring the cost down through credits from both Duke Energy and the federal government. Duke Energy will lower your bill further through net metering, where they pay you for excess solar power you generate.

Even with that, don’t expect your entire home to run on solar. The average American home consumes around 877 kWh per month, so unless you have plenty of space and a lot of sun, you’ll be using a hybrid setup. But over years it will eventually save you money, so consider solar a long-term investment in a forever home.

Interested in building a sustainable custom home with solar power? Absolute can help! Contact us today to get started.