Are you building a custom home? One of the most important decisions to make is your home’s basic layout: single or multi-level? Each option has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Design and Curb Appeal

Multi-story homes are definitely more striking from the street. A larger façade makes a more striking impression, especially in simple styles like a classic colonial. In more modern designs, the contrast between single and multi-story portions of the home can result in dramatic, interesting roof lines. Multi-story designs also make the most of smaller lots, allowing you to double your square footage simply by building up.

But on the other hand, single-story homes more easily blend into an existing landscape. They can snake between trees or gardens, offering desirable privacy and shade. They’re also versatile; for instance, you could build on a small hill with a patio or garage at the bottom. The most obvious downside is that a single-story home needs a much larger lot.


Single-story homes are the obvious winner for disabled residents. Even if no one in your home is disabled, a single story means you never have to haul a mattress upstairs, never have to worry about clumsy kids, and makes laundry a much simpler task.

If you require a two-story home due to a small lot or other reasons, all is not lost. Careful layout planning can group related items (like bedrooms and laundry) on the same floor to minimize stair usage.


A multi-story home, even when well-designed, cannot overcome the basic laws of physics: hot air rises, cool air sinks. Your heating and cooling costs will always be higher in a multi-story home, especially if you embrace features of the design like high ceilings or a lofted area.

But as with accessibility, smart planning can definitely make things easier. A combination of multiple AC units, clever ductwork, and smart thermostats can keep your power bills from growing too high.

Privacy and Layout

Two-story homes present inherent privacy challenges both inside and out. Inside, rooms can easily leak sound if they are above each other. It’s like having your old lead-footed upstairs apartment neighbor but in your own house! Outside, rooms with windows above the tree line can be easily seen from the street.

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