There are many reasons to target sustainability for your custom home. The most obvious reason is ideological: it’s important to conserve the Earth, and you are a steward of your own land and home. But there are also practical reasons, particularly when it comes to energy costs, erosion, and landscape maintenance.

That landscape is a crucial – but often overlooked – part of sustainable building practices. As proponents of cutting-edge sustainability technology, Absolute Construction believes homes should be integrated into existing landscapes, with as little transformation as possible. Here are some things we can do to improve sustainability into your custom home landscape.


Everyone loves a green lawn and ornamental landscaping. But those lovely plants requires a huge amount of water, up to 50% of which is wasted by inefficient watering systems. This translates to higher energy bills, higher labor costs for maintenance, and an environmental impact.

Drip irrigation systems solve this problem using porous hoses on a timer. You simply connect them to a faucet, set it, and forget it. Custom homes can have these hoses integrated into the landscape so they’re not even visible. If you want to go even further, rain barrels can collect natural water and connect to these systems.


Xeriscaping is the practice of using native plants designed to thrive in your region. It may seem obvious, but many popular lawn plants actually aren’t native where they’re used. These non-native plants require extra care, water, and fertilizer to thrive, increasing upkeep and reducing sustainability.

Native plants not only require less care, but provide a haven for local wildlife! If you’re a home gardener, the bees attracted to these plants can do wonders for your harvest.

Minimize Landscape Changes

You may be tempted to build a home on a pre-cleared site – and indeed, for many buyers this is the most practical and affordable option. But if the site hasn’t been cleared yet, consider avoiding it and instead building on the existing landscape as much as possible.

Existing plants and trees not only look lovely, but their roots help physically reinforce the landscape, preventing runoff. For properties with hills or slopes, this is not only environmentally beneficial but potentially saves you a lot of headaches down the line.

Looking to build a beautiful custom home? Absolute Construction uses cutting-edge techniques and technologies to build homes that are both sustainable and upscale! Contact us today to start making your dream a reality.