North Carolina’s four seasons are one of its best features. Stunning fall foliage gives way to gentle winter snowstorms, followed by a burst of color in the spring and balmy summer temperatures. Enjoying all four seasons isn’t hard when you’ve got outdoor living spaces in your new, custom-built home. As the temperatures rise this month, consider these tips from uniting your indoor and outdoor living spaces:

Bring Your Interior Design Theme Outside

One of the easiest ways to make your indoor-outdoor living spaces feel cohesive is to mirror your existing interior furnishings outside. Perhaps you’ve got a nautical theme going on – bring that same navy color to an outdoor rug or umbrella. This works the other way, too; outdoor elements like leafy greenery from your backyard can bring a sense of freshness to a fireplace mantel.

Invest in All-Weather Furniture

The last thing you’ll want to worry about in your new home is bringing the couch cushions inside every time it threatens to rain. By investing in all-weather furniture for your porch or patio, you’ll foster an environment that’s ready and waiting for you no matter what the forecast has in store. Well-designed patio furniture can add tremendous value to your home.

Frame Your Outdoor Space with Window Treatments

Long curtains can do wonders to warm a space and draw the eye to the outdoors. This is especially true when you’ve got a sliding glass door, screened in porch, or back patio. Hang them slightly above the window trim for a truly luxe feel. They’ll serve as a framing device that transforms your outdoor space into a work of art!

Don’t Forget Lighting!

Outdoor lighting is often an afterthought, particularly for flex spaces that serve as a transition between the home and the yard. String lights and lanterns can transform a screened-in porch from bypass to the destination! Remote controlled LED lighting makes it easier than ever to set the mood and create a space that feels cozy and inviting.

Create Your Dream Home with Absolute Construction

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