Are you looking to buy a new home? Whether it’s your first or your fifth, buying a home is a huge decision with many different factors to consider. You must not only weigh your current needs, but think about the future, both for your family and the market.

Buying a pre-existing home can be very rewarding, especially if you’re passionate about the property’s history or neighborhood. But if you want to truly take charge of your home buying experience, these are the top reasons to buy a custom home!


Plan on having children in the future? Maybe you want to build an at-home project area, or even run your own business from your home? With a custom home, you can plan for the future by pre-building areas you want to use years down the road. It’s much easier than having to uproot your life and moving into a bigger house! Best of all, these spaces can be fully customized.

Choice of Location

Custom homes allow you to not only modify the floor plan, but to get full choice of your lot. Want a huge backyard? Want to live on the lake, or by a golf course? Want to be close to your neighbors or to not even have neighbors? It’s your choice! It’s also easier to do major landscaping.


New construction almost always comes with an extensive warranty. In the first year or two that you’re in the house, even minor imperfections can be fixed for low or no charge. That crooked closet door or gap in the wall isn’t too unimportant to be overlooked, setting your home up to be as perfect as you deserve.

Utility Savings

With pre-existing homes – especially older ones – you’re limited to the technology of the time. So while those plaster walls and creaky hardwoods might ooze charm, they also leak air. Older infrastructure simply isn’t as energy efficient as new construction, costing you headaches and higher utility bills. Absolute uses modern construction techniques, such as 2×6 framing, to maximize your home’s energy usage.

Do you think a custom home could be right for you? Absolute Construction can help! We build beautiful, luxurious custom homes in some of the best neighborhoods in Chatham County and nearby areas. Contact us today to get started.