Sustainability is at the heart of modern architecture. You want buildings that last, but you have to recognize that the world must last, too. Builders are stewards of society and the world. The energy savings are a nice bonus!

One way to improve sustainability in your custom home is to choose materials that are sustainably sourced from recycled, reclaimed, or renewable materials. Countertops in your kitchen are a fun way to add sustainable flair to your décor! Here are some great options.


One of the fastest growing woods in the world, bamboo has long been prized for its versatility and strength. This makes them excellent for countertops: their rapid growth means they don’t cost much, they’re naturally nonporous, and they have the lovely look of wood.

But like most wooden countertops, bamboo does require frequent maintenance and must be regularly sanded and resealed. They’re also not heat or water-resistant.

Composite paper

Yes, you read that right: recycled paper. Probably one of the coolest pieces of construction tech on the market, countertops like those from Paperstone are made from specially treated paper sealed together with a cashew nut resin.

While the material is durable and stain-resistant, there are a few drawbacks. For one, color options are limited. It’s also not heat resistant, and will develop a patina over time (which may have appeal to some folks.)

Recycled aluminum

Love the strength and practicality of stainless steel, but want something easier on the environment? Consider recycled aluminum countertops such as Alkemi. Available in multiple finishes and colors, recycled aluminum is made almost entirely from industrial scrap suspended in resin, allowing it to qualify for LEED credits.

Like most resin-based countertops, you shouldn’t place hot objects directly on a recycled aluminum surface. And though they’re strong like steel, they scratch more easily, so be careful with knives.

At Absolute Construction, we pride ourselves on using cutting-edge sustainability technology to build homes that stand the test of time and help the world do the same. It’s why our homes consistently meet or exceed HERS standards, offering our owners both quality and energy savings.

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